How It Works

Bring in any valuable item such as jewelry, watches, antiques, memorabilia, electronics, musical instruments, art, and more! A friendly 5 Point Jewelry & Loan associate will work with you to get the cash you want. Your merchandise is then stored in a secure area until your loan balance is paid. You may come in at any time to pay the loan balance and pick up your merchandise or extend your loan as many times as you need.

Easy & Fast

  • Bring us your collateral merchandise. It can be anything from Gold & Diamond Jewelry, to Watches, to other valuable items;
  • Tell us how much cash you would like to borrow;
  • One of our appraisers will evaluate the item(s) and discuss the allotted amount of your loan;
  • Present a valid, government issued photo ID;
  • A Loan contract will be drawn up for four (4) months. Your thumb print and signature are required for each transaction, then you will receive your cash.